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Individual Courses

We accept adults who need high school level courses for career purposes and/or college admissions. We accept students from other high schools or home schools who want to take just one or two individual courses for transfer into their local school program. Even if you are not currently attending a school, you may sign up for individual courses with us.

Check the course descriptions from the Course List. High school level courses are numbered in the 200s. If no prerequisites are posted in the description, the course is open to anyone who has the general academic background for this level of study or who has been recommended by a school advisor.

Courses are conducted in the English language. Registration for individual courses is based on the mature student's self-assessment of sufficient educational background needed to successfully participate in and complete a course; or on the recommendation of a student's local school advisor.


Policy of Nondiscrimination

CALCampus does not discriminate on the basis of age, disability, race, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, sex, marital status, or region of residence. Its educational and admissions policies are based on this policy of nondiscrimination.

Foreign Students

Foreign students must show evidence of English language ability, which can be in the form of a standardized English proficiency exam or proof of having taken two English classes prior to enrollment.




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