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Mission & Philosophy


The mission of CALCampus High School is:
  • to provide affordable, quality distance instruction by experienced educators in a variety of subjects to individual, mature learners throughout the world, using computers and the Internet
  • to encourage the pursuit of learning in individuals
  • to promote, through example, the recognition of online distance learning as a valuable instructional means
  • to assist postsecondary and secondary level students from other educational institutions and home schools by providing instruction to supplement local curriculum needs
  • to assist adult learners by providing instruction needed to advance in their fields of work
  • to assist teens and adult learners by providing an opportunity to complete their high school diploma through distance learning, based on traditional and accepted standards for a U.S. high school diploma
  • to grow, as an institution, and modify as needed, to suit the needs of the global learning community


CALCampus believes that there should be no barriers to education. Educational opportunities should be made available to all who wish to learn, regardless of their current situation or past experiences in formal educational settings. We provide ways to include learners, keep doors open, and reopen doors that may have closed in the past. We prepare individuals with the foundational knowledge and basic educational skills needed to effectively participate in the world of today and tomorrow. We instill a sense of individual purpose, self-value, and courage in our students, motivating them to reach beyond what they can currently see.

Through our High School Division, we assure that all of our high school diploma graduates have a clear understanding of American history, government, voter responsibilities, and the interrelationship between American laws and society. We remove barriers to learning with the hope that our students will subsequently remove barriers to communication and show empathy to others as they enter key positions of professional, personal, and family responsibility within the global community and within American society.

How We Fulfill Our Mission

CALCampus fulfills its mission and purpose by providing courses that are designed and taught by instructors who are qualified educators and professionals in their fields. Our students receive individualized attention from their instructors. Course materials are provided through our Online Campus from downloadable course libraries and/or course Web sites. Materials come in various forms, including text lessons that may be printed and/or traditional hardcopy textbooks. Lessons may include references to other instructional Web sites, and we encourage the use of the Internet as a learning and research resource. Every course has a detailed syllabus with clearly specified objectives, required materials, and assignments, which is e-mailed to each student by the instructor upon enrollment. Students are required to do homework assignments, quizzes, exams, and other educational projects which are e-mailed to their instructors for evaluation. Instructors and students have the option for meetings on our Online Campus. CALCampus courses may be completed in 12 weeks, although we do allow students to study for longer periods, if needed. Our rolling admissions policy allows students to register for and begin their courses at any time.


    Margaret G. Morabito, Director
    Take accredited high school courses through distance learning at CALCampus.com. Online education. Home study.
CALCampus High School is fully accredited by the National Association of Private Schools, Oklahoma City, OK.
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