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Here are comments from some of our past students and their families.

"I also wanted to let you know that I've been accepted to MIT and want to say thanks because I know CALCampus and the computer courses I took helped me gain admission."
-- Craig R., Pennsylvania, Individual Courses

"Your on-line educational service is a God send to us. Thank you again for all your help…."
-- Patrick M., Military stationed in Europe, Diploma Program Graduate

"Just a note to thank you again for your help and flexibility with Ben's English class. He graduated with his class last Friday evening...he certainly couldn't have done it without you! Kudos to you and to your school!"
-- Ed M., Pennsylvania, Individual Course

"I took SH210 High School General Chemistry to fill a pre-requisite for college Anatomy and Physiology over the summer. The course was very effective."
-- Susan M., New Hampshire, Individual Course

"Ricko was finally accepted [into the military] as a high school graduate. Took a tremendous effort--of which you were a significant portion…Thanks for your assistance. I am confident that the primary reason we carried the day was in large part to CALCampus."
-- Patrick D., Military stationed in Abu Dhabi, Diploma Program Graduate

CALCampus was my first opportunity to study in the United States by means of the Internet. Four years later I received my high school diploma and I can study in some college or university. The professors were stupendous and they helped me to get my diploma. My dream of studying in the United States was completed.
-- Frank P., Spain (European Union), Diploma Program Graduate

After I graduated from CALCampus High School, I was accepted to college at Thomas Edison State College. I am really grateful to you for all the help you gave me.
--Lisa T., Bermuda, Diploma Program Graduate



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