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Tuition and Fees

For Non-Diploma Students Taking Courses For Other Schools or Organizations

Non-diploma students pay the individual course prices posted on the CALCampus Course List at www.calcampus.com/list.htm. This list is updated quarterly and prices may change with updates. There is also a one-time, student admission fee of $50 that is paid with the first course registration. 200-level course numbers are for high school courses.

For Students Admitted to our High School Diploma (HSD) Program

HSD students typically take three courses per 12-week term, although we allow for taking fewer courses per term. CALCampus offers a substantial discount on high school diploma program courses for American citizens and permanent residents–– they pay only $195 per course. There is a non-refundable one-time high school diploma enrollment fee of $50, paid at time of admission.

Submit Part 1 of the Admission Application. After received, we will follow-up with a proposed Course Plan which specifies how many courses are required for the student to earn the high school diploma and the total cost.

Foreign Students

Foreign students also receive a discount, which is based on the number of courses needed, and will therefore vary per individual. Submit Part 1 of the Admission Application for follow-up on this.

Foreign students must show evidence of English language ability, which can be in the form of a standardized English proficiency exam or proof of having taken two English classes prior to admission. If the student earned prior secondary level course credit at a non-English foreign school, the transcript must be translated into English. It the transcript does not reveal prior English language instruction, a student whose primary written and spoken language is not English has two options: 1) submit scores on the TOEFL (500 on written test or 175 on computer-based test) administered within two years of admission or prior to receipt of program diploma; or 2) the student may enroll concurrently in two Basic English courses in CALCampus.

    Margaret G. Morabito, Director
    Take accredited high school courses through distance learning at CALCampus.com. Online education. Home study.
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